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After researching the subject, I begin making drawings/paintings on location, and then at my studio too. I begin to get an idea of what is going into the picture and how it might begin to take some sort of shape. Other times, I work in a very free way, directly from the sketch books, or as in Tryweryn, without using the drawings directly. Through all the preparation, and time thinking on the subject, I build stronger feelings for the work. Sometimes I take photographs, which can help to focus the minds eye on certain visual interests, but tend not to be used for the mural beyond that, for the mural itself. Each subject tends to be unique in itself, and often lends itself to a slightly different approach each time.

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In the last couple of years, I have been making much larger paintings/murals, either on canvas, or on the walls directly. I enjoy the process of working public, where there is a relationship with the people and the space. I do use sketch/ideas books a lot, and in the near future, these will be available too. I hope that I can continue to find spaces to work on this large scale, and that they will progress with time.

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The time the murals stay on site varies from one work to another. There are works at Y Galeri, Caernarfon, The Millennium Centre, Cardiff, and soon to be a work in progress at Y Galeri. A more permanent site is being looked for, with the painting for the Eisteddfod, but will also be hung at the Welsh Assembly building from the new year approximately, for 6 weeks. There are smaller works too, available through the web site, and both murals and paintings can be seen on appointment at the studio.

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